Brand Agreement



This User Contract (“Contract”) is signed by and between Infleap Teknoloji A.Ş. (“Infleap”) having operations at the address of Esentepe Mahallesi Ecza Sokak NO:4/1 Esentepe/Şişli İstanbul and person who is registered as a Phenomenon in the INFLEAP mobile application (“Application”), and it entered into force with the acceptance of the Contract in electronic environment by Brand.

In the Contract, both parties shall be referred to as the Parties 


Application (INFLEAP): It refers to the mobile INFLEAP software that works on all mobile devices and all virtual reality channels where products and services created in connection with this software are offered, allowing the user to find brands or agencies with the search button or filter system, thanks to the profile they create by entering the information in accordance with the specified criteria. 

Contract: It refers to the electronic contract, which consists of the terms and conditions and annexes in the INFLEAP, as a result of the electronic confirmation that the user understands and accepts the Contract.

Social Media Networks: These are all virtual media and social media channels that are accessed over the internet, especially Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube.

Phenomenon: It is a natural person who has more than a certain number of followers on Social Media Channels, can be described as popular, and who benefits from the services provided within the scope of the INFLEAP in accordance with the terms of the Contract.  

Tradename: It is any natural or legal person who requests Phenomenon to share content via Social Media Networks in order to promote any legal product or service.

Agency: It is the legal entity that enables a large number of Phenomenon and Brands registered in the system to collectively benefit from the services offered in INFLEAP.

User: Phenomenon, Brand and Agency that become a member of INFLEAP with the methods specified in the Contract or benefit from the services provided in INFLEAP within the conditions specified in the Contract 


The subject of the contract the regulation of the conditions to benefit from the existing services offered in INFLEAP and the INFLEAP web and mobile application services planned to be developed by INFLEAP and mutual rights and obligations of the parties within the scope of the Contract.  

INFLEAP is made available to the use of the User if he accepts the terms of the Contract, and the User accepts, declares and undertakes that by becoming a member of INFLEAP, he has read the entire Contract, fully understands its content and approves all its provisions. 

By accepting the provisions of the Contract, the user is deemed to have accepted all kinds of declarations such as warnings, announcements, notifications and explanations made by INFLEAP regarding the use, membership and services in INFLEAP. The user accepts and undertakes in advance that he will act in accordance with all matters stated in the aforementioned statements


4.1 The user will be able to login to the INFLEAP with e-mail, username and password.

4.2. To become a member of INFLEAP, it is required to be strictly at least 13 years old in terms of natural persons, or to be at the minimum age required to be a party to legal proceedings in accordance with the laws of the country where the User is a citizen, for those who do not meet the age requirement, having the permission of the legal representative, to be one of the persons authorized to represent the legal person for legal person members. Applications for membership to the contrary will not result in gaining the right to become a member of INFLEAP, even if the registration process has been completed, and INFLEAP will not be liable for any damages that may occur due to this. In this case, the User accepts and undertakes that he has no right to object and to make any claims, including pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages. 

4.3 The membership process is completed with the approval of the registration request by INFLEAP after the user candidate sends the necessary information to become a member. The user accepts that he assumes all responsibility and risk arising from the use of INFLEAP after the completion of the membership. INFLEAP provides advertisements, announcements, information, content and all similar elements included in the content of INFLEAP without limitation and as it is. INFLEAP does not give any express, implied, legal or other warranty regarding the accuracy or the legality of any information, service or element included in the INFLEAP content provided by the User through INFLEAP. It is the User’s sole responsibility to evaluate that all opinions, advice, services or other information and materials provided through INFLEAP are accurate, complete and usable. 

4.4. In order to become a member of INFLEAP, the User must not be temporarily suspended from membership by INFLEAP within the scope of the Contract or not be banned from membership indefinitely.

4.5 Approval and entry into force of the Contract does not mean that it creates a business partnership, agency or employer relationship under any name between the User and INFLEAP.

4.5. INFLEAP owns all the intellectual rights of the data and data to be generated regarding the information provided by the User or the transactions made over INFLEAP. Even if INFLEAP is out of the scope and purpose determined by the Contract, provided that it does not disclose the membership and identity information of the User,  with this information, it will be able to create a database, prepare reports containing various statistical evaluations, or use such information or reports for market research or similar reasons. In addition, INFLEAP has the right to share these reports or statistics with service provider business partners and third parties, with or without charge. Such transactions do not violate the provisions of INFLEAP’s Privacy Policy.

4.6. INFLEAP will be able to inform the User of new services or projects through any communication channel that the User shares with INFLEAP, including the INFLEAP messaging service, e-mail, sms, social media channels. In addition, INFLEAP has the right to share various promotions, campaigns and similar information with the User. 


5.1. Common Obligations 

5.1.1 When using INFLEAP, the User accepts and undertakes that he will act in accordance with all the terms and rules in the Contract, all applicable legislation and moral rules, and that he has read, understood and approved all the terms and rules specified in the Contract.  

5.1.2 The User, who benefits from the products and services offered by INFLEAP, can only act for lawful purposes. The legal and penal responsibility of the User in every work and action performed within the scope of INFLEAP belongs to him. The user agrees and undertakes to comply with the legal regulations of the countries of which he is a citizen, all applicable legislation provisions and the notifications to be published by INFLEAP regarding INFLEAP.

5.1.3. User accepts and undertakes not to include in the INFLEAP any material, including but not limited to any content, information, data, text, video, message, username, profile photo, cover photo, software or images that are contrary to laws and international Contracts, immoral, racist, containing political messages, harmful, threatening, insulting and abusive, exploiting or disturbing, tortious or slanderous, vulgar, obscene, bad or in a way that may violate the privacy rights of another person, and including, but not limited to, legal and criminal liability. 

5.1.4. In cases where INFLEAP is obliged to make a statement to the official authorities in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation, if this information is duly requested by the official authorities, he accepts and undertakes that INFLEAP will be authorized to disclose all kinds of information such as confidential / private / personal or sensitive personal data/commercial information belonging to the user to the official authorities and therefore, no compensation can be claimed from INFLEAP under any name. 

5.1.5. The User has confirmed that INFLEAP is authorized to disclose the User’s commercial information to business partners with whom it has entered into an agreement or for the performance of the products or services subject to this Contract, and for this reason, it accepts and undertakes that no compensation can be claimed from INFLEAP under any name. 

5.1.6. The user is obliged to keep confidential the information necessary to access INFLEAP, such as the username, password, code used to log in to INFLEAP, and it is their responsibility to ensure their security. The right to use the system access tools belongs exclusively to the User and the User is required to keep this information from third parties. The User is fully responsible for the consequences of the third party’s use of the User’s means of accessing the system. INFLEAP has no responsibility for the detection of people who make such illegal uses. The user accepts and undertakes that he is fully responsible for the use of this information by a third party and all legal and penal consequences thereof, that the transactions made through the use of this information are binding only on him and INFLEAP has no responsibility. If the user learns that his password has been compromised by others, he is obliged to inform INFLEAP immediately.

5.1.7. The user accepts and undertakes that the information and content provided by him within the INFLEAP are correct, safe and legal, and that the publication of the links to the said information and content in INFLEAP does not constitute an illegal situation. INFLEAP is not and cannot be held responsible for investigating whether all information and content transmitted by the User or uploaded, changed or provided by the User via INFLEAP are safe, correct and legal, and it is not and cannot be held liable for any damages arising from the inaccuracy, incomplete or erroneous publication of such information and content.

5.1.8. User accepts and undertakes that only one e-mail can be defined for each username created during registration to INFLEAP, the designated e-mail address cannot be changed, a new e-mail address can only be defined if a new membership is created on INFLEAP, in cases where this information is required, the responsibility belongs only to itself or third parties arising from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information, and in these cases, INFLEAP may terminate the membership.

5.1.9. If the information submitted to INFLEAP changes, the user is obliged to notify INFLEAP of new and updated information without delay. In case of failure to notify, the INFLEAP reserves the right of recourse for all direct and indirect damages incurred by it to the User. 

5.1.10. The user is solely responsible for all kinds of transactions he will make with his username or registered e-mail address in INFLEAP and for the Contractual legal relations he will establish with third parties. The User cannot transfer its rights and obligations under the Contract to any third party, in whole or in part, without the written consent of INFLEAP. 

5.1.11. User accepts, declares and undertakes that he is responsible for the ideas, thoughts and expressions he put forward while using the INFLEAP, and the files, content and information he adds to the INFLEAP environment, regarding the violation of basic legal principles, laws and moral rules, INFLEAP cannot be held responsible in any way for these shares, he may not contain or share any software or material that will harm the general INFLEAP or cause INFLEAP to legal disputes with third parties, and if a criminal situation arises, he takes all criminal responsibility.

5.1.12. The user knows that INFLEAP is owned and operated by INFLEAP with all its rights. User accepts, declares and undertakes that he shall not reproduce, copy, distribute, process, transfer to another database or upload to its own account in INFLEAP the video clips, catalogues, pictures, texts, files, databases and similar content belonging to other users and found in INFLEAP, that he will not engage in any commercial activity by carrying out such actions, that he will not, directly or indirectly, engage in acts and transactions that constitute unfair competition, either through these actions or by other means. INFLEAP cannot be held responsible in any way, directly or indirectly, for the damages incurred or to be incurred by third parties due to such activities on the INFLEAP that the User performs in violation of the provisions of the Contract and the law, and recourse to the User for all the damages it has to bear.

5.1.13. The User accepts, declares and undertakes that INFLEAP (without implying a commitment) approves the sharing of the User’s information with the persons and institutions related to the campaign and the lottery, if he is entitled within the scope of any sweepstakes and gift campaigns, and that he will not demand any compensation from INFLEAP for this reason.   

5.1.14. The user is obliged to immediately fulfil the changes or corrections requested by INFLEAP regarding any profile content. The damages, legal and penal responsibilities that arise or may arise due to the failure of the User to fulfil the change or correction requests requested by INFLEAP fully belong to the User. INFLEAP reserves the right to remove, change, suspend or completely cancel the membership if necessary.

5.1.15. The user is obliged not to explain or disclose the information and data he has accessed while using INFLEAP and to use such information and data in accordance with the purposes specified by INFLEAP. The User accepts and undertakes that he is responsible for the protection, processing, transfer of personal data of the User or other third parties obtained by violating this article, and for all obligations under the current laws. The user accepts and commits to meet the damages if INFLEAP suffers from any damages due to the decisions of other authorized persons and institutions, courts, as a result of acting in violation of the obligation to protect personal data or using, transferring or subjecting this personal data to a similar process. 

5.1.16. User accepts and undertakes that INFLEAP does not have any permission or contribution for situations such as recording, processing, and using in search results of personal data that has become public regarding the transactions made while using INFLEAP by internet search engines or systems that store and use similar data, and INFLEAP assumes no responsibility for any use or transfer of personal data in structured systems for storing or searching with similar methods. 

5.1.17. The user accepts and undertakes that he should not share his private personal data while using INFLEAP, otherwise INFLEAP is not responsible for the results of using or sharing such private personal data and he should know this situation.

5.1.18. The User’s actions that may threaten the security of INFLEAP’s systems or harm other users, taking any action that may prevent the software belonging to INFLEAP from working or other users from benefiting from INFLEAP, using or trying to use software that will prevent INFLEAP from working or disrupting the operation of all kinds of software, hardware and servers, causing corruption, to organize attacks, occupying or to interfering with them in any other way, attempting to gain access to INFLEAP’s servers is strictly prohibited. Any action of the User that violates this article will be blocked by INFLEAP. INFLEAP has the right of recourse to compensation for current and potential damages incurred within this scope. 

5.1.19. The user has the right to use the interface of INFLEAP to learn and view the relevant advertisement contents for the purpose of bidding only. The User’s attempt to reach all the advertisements by using the interface for a purpose other than bidding, the partial or complete copying of the advertisements and publishing them on other platforms directly or indirectly, transferring these advertisements to another database and making these advertisements accessible to third parties, linking the advertisements on INFLEAP, similar acts contrary to this are not allowed by INFLEAP. INFLEAP has the right to terminate the membership of the User who commits this violation, if necessary.  

5.2. Rights and Obligations of Brand

5.2.1 Brand must log into INFLEAP using a phone number or email address to use INFLEAP and create an account on INFLEAP. INFLEAP provides the right to become a member of the Brand free of charge and the opportunity to benefit from the products and services offered in INFLEAP.

5.2.2. The Brand will be able to contact Phenomenon or Agencies via INFLEAP, so that it will have the opportunity to evaluate the applications made for the advertisement it has published by placing an advertisement for the service it has requested, or to offer a cooperation proposal to Phenomenon or Agencies regarding any advertisement. 

5.2.3. After the Brand fills in the offer text in the INFLEAP content, the paid cooperation process will begin with Phenomenon regarding various issues such as advertising and organization. INFLEAP is not a party or guarantor of this offer text.

5.2.4. Brand accepts and undertakes that the subject of the service request sent by the Brand to Phenomenon via INFLEAP does not constitute a crime and is in compliance with the law, morality and applicable legislation. In the event that the Brand shares with Phenomenon a service request that contradicts this article, INFLEAP does not have any legal or penal responsibility for publishing the content.

5.2.5. The brand is obliged to deposit the fee of the work subject to the service to be paid to Phenomenon to INFLEAP before placing an announcement regarding the service requested. The advertisement will not be published on INFLEAP without depositing the fee.

5.2.6. In case of an agreement between the Brand and Phenomenon, the Brand accepts, declares and undertakes to send a copy of the said agreement text to INFLEAP. The signing of such an agreement will in no way affect the validity and provisions of the Contract and will continue to be valid between the parties.

5.2.7. The brand can directly accept the content transmitted to it by Phenomenon or request changes.  Social Media Networks in which the content will be shared will be decided jointly by Phenomenon and the Brand. INFLEAP has no responsibility in this process. The brand accepts and undertakes that it will transmit its approval via INFLEAP to INFLEAP within 24 (twenty-four) hours at the latest after the content prepared in accordance with the service offer is shared on Social Media Networks. 

5.2.8. The brand may refrain from giving consent, limited to the cases where the content is completely different from the service offer, contains unlawful and unlawful elements, and is made late or not at all within the time stipulated in the offer. In this case, INFLEAP will evaluate and decide on the objection. If INFLEAP determines that the objection is made with correct and justified grounds, the fee collected from the Brand to be paid to Phenomenon will be returned to the Brand within seven days. 

5.2.9. The Brand accepts and undertakes that it will not share the content transmitted to the Brand by Phenomenon before the approval stage in any medium and will not copy, reproduce or use the content partially or completely.  


6.1. INFLEAP accepts, declares and undertakes to provide the products and services within the scope of INFLEAP within the conditions specified in the Contract, to establish and operate the technological infrastructure necessary for the provision of related services. The obligation to establish the technological infrastructure specified in this ARTICLE does not mean an unlimited and complete service commitment. INFLEAP will take the necessary care to provide its services on time, safely and without errors, to ensure that the results obtained from the use of the service are accurate and reliable, and to ensure that the service quality meets the expectations, but does not undertake these.

6.2. INFLEAP has the right to, without any notice and without the need for a prior notice, to unilaterally change the products and services or content offered in INFLEAP at any time, reorganize them, close and delete the information and content uploaded by User to INFLEAP to third parties, including the User. 

6.3. INFLEAP is not responsible for any disputes or damages that may arise within the scope of the legal relationship to be established between the Users. INFLEAP is not obliged to intervene or evaluate the services provided by the User, such as being defective, insufficient, not meeting expectations and similar issues.  

6.4. INFLEAP may provide links to some third-party websites, portals, files or content that are not under INFLEAP’s control for ease of reference or for various reasons, via INFLEAP. These links do not support the aforementioned website or the content owner, nor do they aim to verify or guarantee in any way regarding the website or the information contained in the content. INFLEAP has no responsibility for these websites, portals, files and content accessed through the links on INFLEAP, and the services or products offered through them, or their content.

6.5. INFLEAP can remove any comments, messages and content that are contrary to the operation of INFLEAP, the terms and rules of the Contract, the general moral rules, the law, the protection of personal data, the personal rights of others, at any time and in any way, and terminate the membership of the user who has entered this comment, message and content without any notification. In addition, INFLEAP may impose additional obligations on the User depending on the changes in current conditions.

6.6. The user agrees and undertakes not to access or use other users’ private, confidential programs, files, documents, information or other areas with similar content without permission. Otherwise, he accepts and undertakes that all legal and penal liabilities that may arise from them belong to him, and that he is responsible for meeting all kinds of demands that INFLEAP and its officials will be subject to for this reason and to indemnify INFLEAP. 

6.7. INFLEAP has no obligation to investigate and control the legality, authenticity and accuracy of the contents provided by the User in INFLEAP.

6.8. INFLEAP may, when necessary, limit or stop access to the service in order to prevent the operational security of the network from being endangered, to ensure the continuity of access to the network, to prevent malfunctions that may occur in the network, software or recorded files, to prevent possible disruptions or to reduce its effect, and in other cases it deems necessary. In this respect, INFLEAP does not give any guarantee that the products and services it provides under the INFLEAP will be constantly active and accessible. INFLEAP does not make any claims or commitments that INFLEAP and the services offered are error-free, flawless, uninterrupted and perfect. All kinds of changes, updates and similar studies can be made on INFLEAP INFLEAP and the User is deemed to have accepted these changes by continuing to use INFLEAP.

6.9. INFLEAP does not accept any liability about malfunctions and communication network problems that may arise out of  User’s failure to use the products and services in INFLEAP properly, acting in violation of Contract commitments and obligations or as a result of technical reasons, Technical malfunctions and other malfunctions that may occur as a result of any changes, updates and similar works to be carried out on INFLEAP, including errors and malfunctions caused by INFLEAP, voltage fluctuations, power failure, virus infection and similar factors, operating system incompatibilities including but not limited to direct or indirect damages such as loss of profit, loss of business, interruption of business arising from the emergence of incompatibilities or errors that prevent the User from using INFLEAP, without being limited to these, and compensation claims made by the User or a third party.

6.10. On the ground that it is determined that the information given during the application of the user is not sufficient, correct or up-to-date, misleading and malicious, the application of the person applying for membership was rejected beforehand, complaints made by other users during the continuation of the membership or receiving negative comments that cannot be considered reasonable, for violation and similar reasons, INFLEAP may stop, suspend or terminate the User’s membership status by unilaterally terminating the Contract without any notification and without any indemnity liability. INFLEAP has the exclusive authority to decide on the fate of the content or other shares shared by the User on INFLEAP, after the membership relationship is stopped, terminated, suspended or the Contract is terminated for any reason. 

6.11. INFLEAP has the right to publish and process cooperation agreement made with the User and information, documents, software, designs, graphics and similar works produced by the User and uploaded to the system for publishing in all written and visual media for the purpose of promotion, to share on social media networks of INFLEAP or to move to another address deemed appropriate by INFLEAP or remove from the website at its own discretion. In these cases, the User will not demand any royalties or similar fees from INFLEAP.

6.12. INFLEAP does not interfere with the communication and interaction between the Users. INFLEAP has no obligation to establish any legal relationship, including the signing of a Contract, between the Brand and the Phenomenon.

6.13. Correspondence and communications between the User over INFLEAP can be viewed by INFLEAP. In this context, no objections or requests can be made to INFLEAP that the process is confidential. 

6.14. INFLEAP accepts that cookies are used in the INFLEAP system, cookies are pieces of information that a INFLEAP user transfers to the cookie file on their system, and they allow the User to navigate the INFLEAP, and assist in the preparation of content suitable for the needs of the User accessing INFLEAP when necessary.

6.15. INFLEAP is not responsible for the digital advertisements published by INFLEAP over INFLEAP and the content published by third parties, including the User, on the linked websites. The commitment of the accuracy and legality of the information, content, visual and audio images provided and published by any third party is entirely the responsibility of the persons who perform these actions. INFLEAP does not undertake or guarantee the security, accuracy and legality of the services and content provided by third parties.

6.16. INFLEAP owns all the intellectual rights of the information and data to be generated regarding the information provided by the User or the transactions made over INFLEAP. Even if INFLEAP is out of the scope and purpose determined by the Contract, provided that it does not disclose the membership and identity information of the User, with this information, it will be able to create a database, prepare reports containing various statistical evaluations, or use such information or reports itself for market research or research on improvements and updates to be made in INFLEAP or for similar reasons. In addition, INFLEAP has the right to share these reports or statistics with service provider business partners and third parties, with or without charge, and it can also be used by people with whom INFLEAP is collaborating. Such transactions do not violate the provisions of INFLEAP’s Privacy Policy.


All proprietary or unregistered intellectual property rights such as but not limited to the title, business name, design, general appearance, text, image, logo, trademark, patent, applied business model and method in the INFLEAP belong to INFLEAP or under copyright bought by INFLEAP from a third party. All these elements belonging to INFLEAP are under the protection of national and international law and cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, published, shared, distributed, presented or resold in any way without prior permission and reference. Benefiting from the service offered in INFLEAP does not give any rights to the intellectual property rights in question and cannot be used outside the scope of the INFLEAP Contract. Otherwise, the person or persons responsible for this situation are obliged to compensate for all the damages suffered by INFLEAP (including the compensation amounts requested from INFLEAP due to the damages incurred by the licensors and third parties).


8.1. INFLEAP may, at any time it deems appropriate depending on the conditions of the day, change the services offered in INFLEAP and the provisions of the Contract partially or completely. Changes made in the Contract will enter into force from the date they are announced or, in case of any previously stated validity date, from this specified date, and the remaining provisions that are not changed will remain in force and will continue to have its provisions and consequences.

8.2. It is the user’s responsibility to follow the changes, and after the changes take effect, the User will be deemed to have accepted these changes by continuing to benefit from the services offered. The provisions within the scope of the Contract and the services offered in the INFLEAP cannot be changed by the unilateral declarations of the User.


In cases of unavoidable events that are not under the reasonable control of the parties to this Contract and which INFLEAP could not prevent despite due diligence, natural disasters, earthquakes, fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, wars, civil wars, riots, declaration of mobilization, strikes, lockouts, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, and in all cases considered force majeure, including but not limited to,  attacks on the system despite INFLEAP taking the necessary information security measures, and bad weather conditions, INFLEAP is not liable for late or incomplete performance or non-performance of its obligations arising from this Contract. In all cases deemed as force majeure, delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default shall not be deemed for INFLEAP and no compensation shall be claimed from INFLEAP for this.


10.1. This Contract will remain in effect as long as the user is a member of INFLEAP or uses INFLEAP and will continue to have its terms and consequences between the parties; Contract shall be deemed to have ended in cases where the User’s membership period expires or the membership is suspended temporarily or indefinitely due to similar reasons. First of all, INFLEAP may terminate the Contract unilaterally, with immediate effect, at any time without giving any reason, without any notice and without any similar liability such as indemnity or penalty, and  may terminate or temporarily suspend the User’s benefit from INFLEAP.  

10.2. The User’s violation of the rules set forth in the INFLEAP and this Contract regarding the use, membership and services within the scope of the Contract, and especially the cases listed below within the scope of this ARTICLE, are considered as termination of membership or temporary suspension of membership. In all these cases, the User’s responsibility and  obligation to compensate INFLEAP’s damages incurred or to be incurred due to this, and INFLEAP’s right to file a lawsuit regarding these situations is reserved.

  • Violating the rules specified in the INFLEAP and Contract and using the INFLEAP for harmful malicious purposes,
  • User’s acts that will interfere with the operation of INFLEAP or the system by any method, such as the use of software that will threaten the general security of the INFLEAP, the use of software that will prevent the operation of INFLEAP and the software used, the dissemination of activities, attempts to be made, and the receipt, deletion, modification of information, and engage in unrealistic transactions and thus pose a risk to INFLEAP’s information security system,
  • The user’s act to transfer the user profile he has created for himself to someone else or makes it available for use,
  • The User’s actions that infringe or threaten to violate the rights of third parties, including publicity, privacy, copyright or other intellectual property,
  • User’s sending unsolicited e-mails to other users, asking for money outside of Contract or defrauding,
  • The User’s recording or using in INFLEAP information and content that contains false, incomplete and misleading information, expressions that do not comply with general moral rules, that are in the nature of an attack on personal rights and that are not in compliance with the law,
  • The user’s registration of pornographic information and content containing hate speech, racist, threatening against any bigoted group or individual, inciting violence or containing unnecessary violence, encouraging drugs or stimulants, sexually explicit or nudity, in INFLEAP or using them in the content he creates 


11.1. In the implementation or interpretation of the Contract, Turkish Law will be applied in the settlement of any legal disputes that may arise between the User and INFLEAP within the scope of the Contract. Turkish Courts are authorized to resolve any dispute that may arise due to the Contract. The User acknowledges that the Courts of the Republic of Turkey have special jurisdiction, but accepts and undertakes that they waive in advance their claims that these courts are an unsuitable place of jurisdiction in case of any future dispute. Istanbul Çağlayan Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized within the scope of these disputes.

11.2. In cases such as any dispute that may arise between the user and INFLEAP or taking this dispute to court, the user accepts and undertakes that he will not announce this legal relationship and litigation process between him and INFLEAP on social media and similar platforms or any communication channel and such media institutions and organizations, and will not use this situation maliciously for advertising purposes. Otherwise, the User accepts and undertakes that he is responsible for all damages that INFLEAP and its business partners will suffer or may incur due to this negative situation, and that he is obliged to indemnify it. 


12.1. The transfer of rights and obligations owned by the User to third parties within the scope of this Contract is prohibited. 

12.2. INFLEAP may transfer its rights and obligations under this Contract to third parties. In case of this transfer, all rights and obligations of the User will continue as they are.  


13.1. When the user completes the membership registration, he declares, accepts and undertakes that he has read, understood and accepted all the provisions in this Contract and that the information he has given about himself is correct and is deemed to have accepted all the provisions of the Contract by electronically confirming it.

13.2. This Contract consists of fifteen articles and has entered into force by being concluded electronically with the electronic approval of the User. The invalidity, illegality or non-applicability of any of the provisions of the Contract, partially or completely, will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Contract and will continue to be valid.